How to create a professional app that works in one step and a half.

…Or that’s how we see it as app developers

Actually the first you must think when you propose make the jump and add a mobile app inside your strategy, it is to answer a question that it’s easy but it isn’t: ¿How is this app going to improve my business?

Let’s think that an app always have a useful purpose. Many people think that it just improve the branding, or if the competitors do it it’s a strategic error don’t do it because it looks like the company is getting out-dated…

These are marketing considerations where we won’t get in, but let us talk as specialists on apps developing: it doesn’t matter if your app is for iOS or for Android or multiplatform, for business or for the big public, the basic is that it represents a solution for a problem or a demand (internal o external).

  • Developments that solve. Our added value as App developers is that we know the platforms and we have solved our challenges.
  • We study the operation of your business to make you have a tool that makes your company be more effective.
  • IOS, Android, Windows developing and what the future holds us. Another key point of the company is to be there where the user is to put it him easier.

Successful Stories of Business Apps

Casa Viva, transformación digital gracias a la instauración de apps móviles en su empresa

Casa Viva was looking for a fast and efficient way to take inventories of all its shops, stores and warehouses. app2U developed a custom app that helps Casa Viva to do a quickly stocktaking from all its locations in the most optimally way and with the lowest price, much cheaper than renting barcode readers.

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En app2U somos expertos en apps para empresas y negocios a medida para potenciarlos.

An app developing isn’t useful if it isn’t custom-made for the customer

In App2u we have our philisophy very clear: nobody knows the market ike the customer. That’s why we understand that we must work side by side, that we are who must add the technology to the service of your idea al servicio de tu idea and do not fit what you need into what you offer us.

What makes different every business isn’t their product, it’s their philosophy and way of working. To design an efficient mobile app you must integrate it into the process of the company.

One customer, one app

If you com this far is because you are demanding and it means you still haven’t found the solution you need. We have at your disposal many business apps that you can combine depending on your necessities and we can transform and reinvent it for you.

It’s very important that you know that in App2u we approach each project from the perspective of a completely new development. We can say that we make your app from scratch but it won’t be correct, because we start from your experience, your ideas and your necessities and our knowledge and years of experience as app developers.

What we don’t make is to replicate or repeat the same formula. You can be sure that you won’t find the final product with an other logo in any place. We want to provide the value that you require and that is why we can work to measure.

We make app developing in Barcelona

In a hyperconnected and globalized world this may not seem so important, but what really makes the difference are the details and the humane treatment.

When we opened our “apps agency” we thought it was important to give it an international projection starting from the local. Obviously we have shown many times that we can work globally with great efficiency, but we also like to maintain that closer contact and work with projects that are grounded to a close reality and a market context that, after all, is ours.

If you want to go to Barcelona to see us you will always be welcome and if you are a little further away or you don’t have much time we can always use this form to get in touch.

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