Our customers

We have developed apps for different types of businesses and with different needs. Thanks to our apps all our customers have improved the way how their companies work: speeding up processes, reducing expenses and increasing profit.

Successful Stories of Business Apps

Words are taken by the wind so we like that our archivements speak for us. These big brands have trusted us the development of the company apps that they

YKK has improved the management of its customers through a mobile app that allows them to make reports of business visits


YKK has incorporated a bespoke CRM app, with which exhaustively controls its leads and customers. This business app lets sales reps manage their sales visits before, during and after by using reports. YKK’s sales force has a tighter relation with their customers, which improves the sales process.

Montibello has improved the management of its catalogs and sales documents thanks to an app developed by app2U


Documentation is an important asset for Montibello. For this reason we developed a  tailored app to improve the way how sales managers distribute catalogs to the sales force. In this way Montibello has realized that with the correct managing of their catalogs the sales of their products has increased.

Casa Viva, decoration and furniture, has streamlined the way it takes orders in their shops, stores and warehouses through a custom application from app2U

Casa Viva

Casa Viva was looking for a fast and efficient way to take inventories of all its shops, stores and warehouses. app2U developed a custom app that helps Casa Viva to do a quickly stocktaking from all its locations in the most optimally way and with the lowest price, much cheaper than renting barcode readers.