Digital transformation: your next big challenge

The world is changing, the companies too

Stop for a moment and think about how was the world 10 years ago and how is it now. It’s incredible to see how the Internet have produced a digital transformation on absolutely everything: our habits, routines or way of working…

Companies have the duty of transforming and not only to be more efficient or faster, neither to be more profitable.  Those companies that don’t adapt to the new paradigm are in danger to be overtaken by competitors and, in the worst scenarios, even disappear.

We know that this step from your rol as responsable of the company, can look like a challenge, but it opens a lot of new opportunities. An important side of the success on the digital transformation is on selecting a good allied on those key points. In App2u we would like to be this allied and be near you on your app developing.

  • We understand the needs of the company and we contribute on giving specific and integrated solutions from inside.
  • We dissect the company internal processes of and then project applications that digitally transform the methodologies.
  • We fit to the actual reality of your business to make it grow up from what exists: deep changes, but not traumatic.

Casos de Éxito de Apps para empresas

Casa Viva, transformación digital gracias a la instauración de apps móviles en su empresa

Casa Viva was looking for a fast and efficient way to take inventories of all its shops, stores and warehouses. app2U developed a custom app that helps Casa Viva to do a quickly stocktaking from all its locations in the most optimally way and with the lowest price, much cheaper than renting barcode readers.

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En app2U somos expertos en apps para empresas y negocios a medida para potenciarlos.

¿What is Digital Transformation?

We can’t talk about a methodology and neither about a strategy. The digital transformation really means something much deeper.

It’s about an absolutely different business philosophy were many old methodologies are forgotten and changed for technology to reinvent internal and external process. Like this we fit to the philosophy of our customers and their employees.

What isn’t digital transformation?

The truth is that is the same important is to understand what it isn’t if we don’t want to commit calculations mistakes and finish La verdad es que es igual de importante entender lo que no es si no queremos cometer errores de cálculo or get halfway on your implementation.
Digital transformation isn’t a new website, neither an app for your users. Finally these are only supports that must be behind and strategy of making a deep change on the company, a mutation in all the levels.
Don’t you get simply with a punctual change, you might make your company something different in a transversal way where digitalitzation articulates the change.

How do I approach the digital transformation of my company?

A digital company is, by definition, permeable to technology when it is used to capture more, be more profitable and, especially, be more efficient. Something you might never forget are these internal process that, however look transparent for customers, are on their experience in a direct way.
Something you must never forget are those internal processes that, although they result transparent to the customer, redound to their experience in a very direct way.
In App2u we know that many times the internal process are the forgotten ones on the companies Digital Transformation. This is why we offer the most advanced business apps: A  CRM for your salesmen team that can manage better your customers, a documents management app  to make your catalogues updated, incidences management from your device… and anything you have on mind. We help you on giving a new shape on your old business.

Benefits of digital transformation for a company

  • Greater efficiency: taking advantage of new technologies to automate processes leads to greater efficiency, which in turn, reduces costs and improves the competitiveness of the company.
  • Better decision making: through digitized information, companies can make better decisions.
  • Greater reach: digitization opens the company to an omnichannel presence that allows its customers to access its services or products around the world.
  • Intuitive customer experience – Digital transformation gives you access to use data to better understand your customers, allowing you to understand their needs and provide them with a better and more experience

The development of mobile apps can be introduced in all the areas that are also usually the key areas of the digital transformation challenges that a company faces:

  • Technological integration
  • Better customer experience
  • Improvement in operations and process automation
  • Obtaining data for better decision making

From app2u we can help you in the development of your digital transformation strategy, from the idea and conception to the development and implementation.

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