Company Iberital

Iberital is a company that designs, creates and commercialize professional espresso machines.

It was in 1975 when Blai Farré started the business as a hobby in a small garage in Barcelona. At first they only repared pieces of coffee machines for nearby businesses. But soon they started designing and creating their own pieces and spare parts.

Step by step, the business evolves into what it is today: a world leader in the creation of robust espresso machines, with sophisticated technology and unique designs.

We are facing a leading company with 40 years of history in the coffee world.

Iberital, expert company in the design of espresso machines that makes people fall in love
Espresso machine iberita and app created by app2U for an exhaustive control of the registers.

Iberital Success Story

Like all companies engaged in the design and manufacture of high-tech machines, Iberital needs to optimize the use of its products. With the custom App2U app, they control the espresso machine in the most efficient way.

Casa Viva relies on app2U for the digital transformation of its company with the advice, development, implementation, support and maintenance of mobile apps in its logistics department


Iberital was looking for a way to create an innovative generation of espresso machines. That is why they decided to design a new, healthier, easier to use and more effective machine.

The clean and innovative design of this new machine, without buttons, with a smart multi-channel system and with an efficient energy consumption, needed an app to control its use through a tablet.

Iberital, as an expert company in the world of coffee, had very specific demands in terms of design, functionality and technology.

The basic problem that Iberital had was the complexity of making the records and communication within the app and the machine performed optimally, quickly and easily. All of this in a new, very intuitive application easy to use to take full advantage of the espresso machine that they had created.

His need was based on:

1. Create an app to operate the machine.

2. The application had to be simple and intuitive. Iberital wanted that the app that we had to create did not need an instruction manual. The idea was to use the intiutivity of the App to make the users used it properly.

3. Available in more than 10 languages. Iberital is present in more than 90 countries. It was therefore necessary to include the option of the required languages to be able to commercializate the espresso machine in international markets.

4. The app should alert of changes in value in the records in real time and report of any cleaning or malfunction anomalies.

Casa Viva improves the performance and management of inventories by speeding up tasks and reducing expenses thanks to an app2U custom app


Once we analyzed the needs and requirements of Iberital, from app2U we recommended them develop a fully customized app that was the most simple and intuitive to use as possible.

1. The app had to control the espresso machine: The control of the coffee machine should be able to be carried out in its entirety from the application. Therefore the fast synchronization between the app on the tablet and the coffee machine was an indispensable requirement.

2. Intuitive: The usability of the app had to be simple and fast, intuitive and innovative. Besides, it had to be very technological, but that technology must be hidden.

3. Versatile application: The user had to be able to configure and create their environment in the app in a simple way. Regardless of his level of professionalism.

4. Fast communication: Minimum time lapse since the app release an order and the espresso machine executes it.

Casa Viva has implemented an app to take inventories of its areas, shops, stores and warehouses of Spain and Andorra


Iberital has integrated the app as part of its innovative product. Thereby, thanks to the App that controls the espresso machine, Iberital has been able to launch its new product to the international market.

  • Simple and innovative: an app with easy-to-use management.
  • Optimization of the potential of the espresso machine. Speed and simplicity to manage the operation of the machine through the tablet.
  • High technology in a simple environment.
  • Stability in the app vs machine communication: Correct operation and communication in all registers
  • Greater customization by the barista in the configuration of the parameters and execution of the coffee.