Company Casa Viva

Casa Viva is a leading chain of decoration stores in the field, which offers a wide range of products for the home. After more than 60 years of history, it distributes more than 4,000 references through its network of 45 shops throughout Spain and Andorra.

Casa Viva belongs to Gerplex group of more than 250 people who work in the search of new products and solutions to cover needs in the home.

For Casa Viva to control all its products and inventories in its shops and stores meant a great investment in terms of time, staff and machinery.

Casa Viva, decoration company, with digital transformation thanks to the introduction of mobile apps in their company to expedite the taking of inventories and stocktaking
Casa Viva enjoys the best mobile apps thanks to app2U experts in business apps for companies

Casa Viva Success Story

As all product companies that have shops, stores and warehouses, Casa Viva manages a large number of products. With the app2U bespoke app, its workers take faster and more economically inventories by controlling all their references.

Casa Viva relies on app2U for the digital transformation of its company with the advice, development, implementation, support and maintenance of mobile apps in its logistics department


Casa Viva had the need to take inventories by investing the less time as possible and in a much cheaper way.

At that moment Casa Viva, being pioneer in technology, had already sought alternatives to the slow processes of taking inventories manually. That is why it was using barcode readers to conduct stocktaking of their locations: areas, shops, stores and warehouses.

However, Casa Viva felt that its company could still improve its way of working with some technological solution that would help them improve their situation:

1. Slowness in taking inventories: workers were spending many days of work to carry out the stocktaking.

2. Rent/Buy very expensive barcodes readers. Altough it sped up the manual process considerably it also increased the budget for taking inventories.

3. Shortly stock control. As the process of taking inventories was very long and expensive, workers did stocktaking just in a few occasion per year to save money. So that the stock was little controlled.

When Casa Viva realized that they could improve and speed up the way how the company and its employees work, they decided to contact with app2U, experts in business apps.

Casa Viva improves the performance and management of inventories by speeding up tasks and reducing expenses thanks to an app2U custom app


After analyzing Casa Viva’ needs and requirements, app2U recommended to develop and deploy a fully customized app, which would allow them to take inventories quickly.

1. Speed up the process of stocktaking from days to seconds. Thanks to two simple steps: the quickly scanning with the camera of a mobile device and the easy introduction of the quantity of products in the location.

2. Implantation of iPod devices. We did an intensive search of the cheapest mobile device that could cover the needs of the app: webcam, agility and mobility, data security and wifi connection.

3. Comprehensive stock control. With the ease and speed of the app, workers take inventories more often having much more control of products and references.

Implantation process was very fast and simple. From app2U, we installed the custom app on all iPod devices of Casa Viva and in less than two weeks all its workers were using this app in its maximum magnificence. Being an easy and intuitive app in its use, it was very easily adapted in the day to day of employees.

This app was tailored to the company to speed up the process of taking inventories thanks to iPods’ mobility and the ease and speed of the app itself. That is why, different companies of products’ distribution, especially of decoration and home furniture, have seen their potential and have decided to implant this same app in their businesses.

Casa Viva has implemented an app to take inventories of its areas, shops, stores and warehouses of Spain and Andorra


Casa Viva has been using this app for a year and it has seen a significant improvement in its business. Thanks to the App to take inventories, the company has experienced the following results:

  • Saving time, expenses and tasks by speeding up the inventory taking process
  • Fast import of products on the website. Quickly uploading products in the admin site where they have to be set up to be detected during the inventory scanning
  • Take inventories in a few seconds. Before, taking an inventory took days and weeks, now it can be taken in minutes or even seconds
  • Workers are amazed with the speed of scanning and with the ease of use of the app
  • Take inventories of different locations at once. Whether it will be in different areas, shops, stores or warehouses, inventories can be taken jointly
  • Always have access to the history of inventories. Either from the history section of the App or from the admin site where they can also be exported
  • Acquisition of iPods: mobile, fast and cheap getting to meet the needs of the company
  • Maximum safety of products, inventories and data thanks to iPods mobile devices
  • Exhaustively control of the company products. Thanks to take inventories more often, it is achieved a greater control of the stocks
  • Inventories comparison analytics. The admin site provides analytics of comparison