Custom Mobile Apps


In app2U we are experts in developing custom mobile apps to meet the specific needs of companies.

Each company is different and has particular requirements, for this reason in app2U we bet for custom apps, as they offer a wide working flexibility and a very specific adaptation.

Mobile apps are the driving force of the digital transformation of companies as its allow faster routine tasks, improve management, produce more and increase sales.

Our long experience has allowed us to work with SMEs, startups and large companies which allow us to acquire a broad market view. In addition our team stands out for being expert in new technologies, developing native apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows.

Our customers are watching their business grow thanks to our business apps. And your company, what are you waiting for?

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At app2U we develop the best custom mobile apps for companies to make employees work harder and better and increase the profit of your business
In app2U we are experts developing custom web apps for companies to increase production and sell more

Custom Website Apps


From the needs and ideas of our customers we also develop custom website apps in a responsive mode so it would be suit to any device.

When companies contact our team, they often have very different requirements, but all of them have a common goal and this is to improve their company and the way how they work.

Our website solutions allow our customers open new distribution channels, reach new market niches and promote new ways of working to expand their businesses.

We have carried out many projects of apps to websites and websites to apps or adapting websites to responsive mode in HTML, Django, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, among others.

Your company can also improve the way how works. Do not miss it!

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In app2U we are experts developing custom web apps for companies to increase production and sell more

Technical Support


We are a company that is very close to our customers to have a closer relationship looking always for their satisfaction. For this reason we are always at our customers’ side with the best technological and business support.

Mobile Experts
Business Experts
Ecosystems Integration

Mobile Experts

Our experience backs us up, we have a wide expert team to perfectly cover the technological support of all our customers.

With the most qualified professionals: engineers with training and knowledge of business, who are dedicated to the digital transformation of companies and specialized in mobile technology.

We dedicate all our efforts to our customers with the most personalized attention and with the best mobile solutions that allow them to improve their companies and increase the profits of their businesses.

In app2U we have long experience in developing mobile apps for companies and business mobility
At app2U we are mobile experts, experts in mobility and digital transformation of companies and businesses through software, mobile apps and technology

Business Experts

The diversity among our customers’ businesses has allowed us to know different markets and different working methodologies. This gives us a great competitive advantage because we adapt quicker to the properties of each company and clearly understand their needs.

Our instinct, our training, our knowledge and our trajectory allow us to be the most qualified company to take your company to the next level.

It is very important for companies that are dedicated to business technology to know very well all the business models and have a wide knowledge in administration and management of companies to be able to help their clients and to enhance their businesses through the digital transformation, app2U we are one of the few mobile apps development companies experts in companies, business and enterprise
In app2U we have a highly trained team in economy, business models, companies and negotiation

Ecosystems Integration

We are among the few companies that offer a wide technology support. This allows us to integrate our apps with the ERP and CRM of each company. In addition we are experts in the integration with other devices, such as:

  • Beacons
  • Pocket Printers
  • Barcode readers and QR
  • Smartcard and EMV card readers
  • Authentication and digital signature platforms
At app2U we are experts in developing and implement mobile apps for businesses on all platforms and mobile devices in the technology market
In app2U you will find support for business technological diversity, we help companies with the integration of ecosystems especially through mobile apps
If your company needs technological advice: app2U has the best services being the best technology consultancy for companies with a trained team at technological level and business, we help companies with the digital transformation of their business

Technology Advising


We offer technology advising services by the best professionals to help companies find the best technology solution.

Sometimes companies need advice from technology experts to finish designing their ideas and desires.

In app2U we are leaders in helping businesses to finish defining and shaping their projects with: a very prepared team, wide training and more than 30 years of experience in new technologies.

The aspirations of our customers become our aspirations and we always seek to adapt the most suitable tech solutions to meet their expectations and needs.

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From app2U we want to make your dreams come true. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us with the form below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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