Microgestió Group Mobile experts

We are Microgestió Group, a strong group with full coverage. We belong to Microgestió Group, Apple leader in Catalonia for 30 years. Together we offer to our customers the complete package of mobile and digital transformation.

Microgestió was founded in 1985. It is specialized in technology sector, formed by a knowledgeable team and dedicated to provide the best solutions to business needs.

Incorporating mobile devices at companies is transforming and improving businesses processes: having more control and better management.

App2U, developer of business apps, is part of Microgestió group, the leader in Apple products distribution
If your company seeks to establish the digital transformation to the company, Microgestió Group is your solution at the Hardware and Software level, they are experts in mobile and fixed devices and in the development of the best business apps

What we offer as a mobile group

From Microgestió Group we cover all the mobile fields, becoming the technology partners of all our customers. Technology partners because we are always by their side whenever they need us.

There are companies that need technological advice to determine how to implement the digital transformation in their business: know the best tools and technological solutions to implement in your company, at the hardware and software level

Technology Advice

Speed up processes

Increase productivity

Increase your sales

Information control

Improve communication

We are the best business apps development company in spain and barcelona

Apps Development

Custom apps

ERP and CRM integration

Labeling schemes

Bidimensional codes and RFID

Internal location

NFC: picking and packing

We deploy the best mobile apps to companies to improve how they work

Mobile Implementation

About security policies

Management of mobile assets in a centralized way

Profile Management, contents, apps, data flow and updates

Distribution and implementation of Windows, Android and specially Apple devices (iOS): iMac, iPad, iPhone, etc.

We offer companies the best technological training of new business technologies such as mobile devices or internal applications to work better

Technology Training

Calendar Training iMac Classrooms

One to one Lessons

Vocational Training

We offer the best maintenance to the mobile devices of the companies and the best technology support for devices and mobile apps for business

Maintenance & Support

Installations of equipment and peripheral

Up to 4 years in repair and replacement parts

Server management and back-ups

Equipment replacement

Service in-situ

Permanent Support