How to create a professional App that works in one step and a half

Step 1: look for an App developer who knows about companies

As for you, for us your project is the most important. If you want to achieve a professional result that really accomplishes your specific necessities, you need to work with professionals. Just as you resort to an advertising agency for your communication you must resort to an “agency of apps” for your applications. It makes sense, right?

In App2u we are dedicated on the creation of apps from scratch. We start with your idea, we cross it with your needs and we get down to work without using templates or recycling anything. This is the only way to know that you have something exactly tailored to your functionality and that it does not seem the same as the rivalry in terms of appearance. A 100% customized App.

Why you might trust on us:

  • We know how to create iOs and Android apps: obviously we make your App available for both systems.
  • We are App developers in Barcelona: we are near from you, we talk your language and we know how do your customers think.
  • We have a lot of experience as app developers. Our customers talk for us.

Step 1,5: let us take care of creating iOs and Android Apps, but most of all: demand us

¿You thought we forgot it? We say it’s just a half step, but actually it’s basic and critical at the moment of creating an app. We like to see it like this because we want it to be as easy as possible for you, we are who must go fast to follow your rhythm.

At this point is indispensable you involve on the project. However we are specialist on the technical area of the project, you only know what you have on mind, who are your customers, your competitors and the opportunities you want to take advantage of.

The process of creating an app

As we were saying, we start from your idea and your knowledge about the market. We need a lot about you at this moment. Plan us your objectives and we will purpose you solutions for the challenges that appear

We work side by side until we get a prototype that accomplishes all your all your basic requirements, solve the necessities of the customers or employees who are going to interact with the tool and result intuitive furthermore of scalable.

Readden like this looks like there is a lot of work behind, but the most important is that we priorize your time tu tiempo to make you only dedicate this time on the definition phrases and the final validation.

We employ with care of every step, because we are app developers, we don’t take it as a technical work, so we take it as a thorough home made task, just like a tailor makes a tailored suit.

Successful Stories of Business Apps

Casa Viva, transformación digital gracias a la instauración de apps móviles en su empresa

Casa Viva was looking for a fast and efficient way to take inventories of all its shops, stores and warehouses. app2U developed a custom app that helps Casa Viva to do a quickly stocktaking from all its locations in the most optimally way and with the lowest price, much cheaper than renting barcode readers.

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En app2U somos expertos en apps para empresas y negocios a medida para potenciarlos.

How much does my app cost

This question can’t be answered with a closed figure. How much does your idea worth? ¿How much does the start up cost? Let’s start with this to can reach a conclusion. Let’s talk: tell us what is what you need and we will give you the most adjusted price ¡write us with no compromise!